Posted: 2007/08/18 in Dated
my computer hadn’t been able to connect to the internet for over a week already… a bit frustrating since it doesn’t even recognize the network…
i’m also getting used to using my laptop… hadn’t used it for more than 5 times since i got it until now… but i still want my desktop to work… but i think it’s a hardware problem, since restoring/anything else doesn’t work… i think i’ll just get a new one tomorrow… >_> sound like i’m rich or something… lols~ i’d be getting a cheap one…
lately… nothing’s up… just normal work and sleep and play… talk about play, we got the wii last weekend and my arms hurt now because i played wii sports too long yesterday… lols~
now, waiting for hocc and twins’ new cds to come out… and i believe joey’s new cantonese album won’t be too long afterwards either…



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