Posted: 2007/08/27 in Dated
so, looking back at my previous entry, i didn’t mention i got new glasses… they’re red and black… better looking than those legre ones i saw, which would’ve cost me $500… this pair, i got for $80… thinner lenses, anti-glare or whatever it is called, and all those good stuff too… whoever said cheap things aren’t good?
anyway… that old hp i had… i gave up on it… got me a new pc, an acer… with windows vista home premium… got used to it pretty quick since i changed most things back to the xp look… lols, but have to get myself the programs i lost… well, not lost, but it just doesn’t run on this pc… i tried to create a dual boot, but unfortunately my pc skills aren’t really that high and i couldn’t get it to work… still, i took my old memory and stuck them in the new computer, took the old hdds and stuck them inside too… don’t forget my 3.5" disk drive… lols, even though i don’t use it anymore… and i didn’t get intel this time… i want to try amd… yep… oh, i have a new 19" widescreen monitor too… it’s so hard to find wallpapers… no pinyin for tradition chinese input for vista though… and my writing pad doesn’t seem to work here… maybe it needs new drivers…
i’m waiting for my hocc cd to come… although… i DID listen to the songs already… and if i knew you would be there, bowling jeh, i’d definately ask about the souvenirs… (especially that tee… a medium would fit… and that boxset… argh!) when is twins’ one going to start pre-ordering?
i should start on my little projects soon… and i should follow my words and bring my mushroom plushies to my car soon too… and i need to wash it soon too… maybe this coming saturday… long weekend~ woot~
and less than a month until the concert! (hold it! i still have to get charlene something? why can’t she be like gil, pick one thing to like instead of liking everything?)
and i might have hurt my knee while sitting here? it hurts… for no reason, apparantly… >_<
AND there’s something flying in my room! stupid flying whatever-it-is!
did i mention i love the song 愛情萬歲? the lyrics are so interesting, if you know what i mean…



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