Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part II

Posted: 2007/09/30 in Concert Moments
Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part II
September 21, 2007, Day 2
so… after the day at the airport, i decided to write Twins a letter… which i finished before i sleep… (kind of… since i added another page in the morning… *shrugs*)
this is the day when we go to Soho to try to see if we can bump into Twins… (i never went to Soho, by the way, didn’t know it was this close… *_*) it was around 12:30 or so when we got to chinatown… i didn’t want to leave my friend and go off looking for Twins, so i stayed with them a bit…
around 1-1:30 or so, Ceci came along and we went to eat lunch… hm… i think around half way through lunch (we were chowing down on pho…), we got a call from either Evelyn or Anna… i don’t know since i wasn’t the one picking up… they said that they found Dennis and William and were following them… (because Dennis was wearing yellow) Ceci and I started eating really fast and literally ran out of the restaurant, heading toward Soho…
met up with them and started following Dennis and William… they were with one of their dancers, Kago or Kargo… don’t know how it’s spelled… they were looking for tattooing shops… we were kind of jumping around behind them and i believe they already know we’re here… Anna and Evelyn were scared to go to them… i don’t remember who went up to them first, but whatever… lols
i initiated the picture taking part… i told them i didn’t get pictures with them at the airport, Dennis said, "let’s take them now" hehehe… so i was next to Dennis and William’s next to him… then i turned to them and asked, can i stand in the middle… lols~ they went sure, then we took picture… yea… took pictures…
then i think Anna asked if they were looking for tattooing shops… she eavesdropped, i think… lols~ so then we (they) brought them to St. Marks… went in some tattooing shops… they finally picked one… we were outside discussing about this thing we’re doing… Evelyn felt bad…
Ceci and i decided to go back to Soho and look for Twins instead… so we went inside the shop and told them we’re leaving… Dennis looked happy for a moment, but then he noticably turned disappointed when finding out only two of us were leaving… we told them bye and shook hands with them… (we were with them for like an hour or so…)
so yea… that’s the best part of the day since we didn’t bump into Twins afterall (Anna and Evelyn did though and they [Anna] followed them… thanks Evelyn for stopping Anna and pulling her away…) i was jealous when i heard it, but then… i don’t want to see them black face… haha…
yea… walked around Soho for 2-3 hours looking for people is not fun… shouldn’t have walked around… might have passed by us without us noticing… so that’s how i spent that day… with my letter ready and all that… i didn’t have anything for them to sign this time though… so if i saw them, i’d probably just ask for pictures… (we were also looking for Steven, but can’t find him either…)
that’s basically the whole day… yea, Dennis and William kind of ditched us when we were at Soho again… lols~ (we really bump into them this time though, but Evelyn and Anna were still with them… well, i didn’t see anything, Ceci was the one who saw them…)
  1. pltang aka bowling jeh 說道:

    i rather not see them black face…lolx… it’s bad to "stalk"


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