Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part III

Posted: 2007/10/06 in Concert Moments
Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part III
did i say i didn’t get to give them my letter since i didn’t see them? lols~
September 22, 2007, Day 3
so, day 3, my nyc/atlantic city trip… hm… well, didn’t really do much… woke up at around 10 or something… got to chinatown at around 12? 1? eh… something like that… with Alexa the whole time… lols~ met up with Vicky along the way… then they wanted to go get something for Twins because they feel kind of bad for not getting them anything…
so Soho again… for a few hours… >_> i was getting impatient, i admit, i should’ve just told them i’d walk around myself and meet up later when we were at UNIQLO… we did tell everyone we’d meet at 5… it was like 5:30 or something when we finally got to the place, where the others were late… hm… yea, i was pissed… frustrated… so i only ate a sandwish along with my lemon tea with honey… and took one to go (which i ate on the way back in the morning… it was kind of gross, but whatever…)
along the "shopping spree" i looked for whistles, found hello kitty ones for 2.50 apiece… you want? and metalic ones, and some plastic ones for a dollar… but it’s whistle! it’s not worth a dollar! so at the end, i got even more pissed… eh… whatever… it’s kind of sad we didn’t have whistles, no uniformness, but we still made a lot of noise at the concerts, so that’s good…
Vicky hogged my DS half the way to Atlantic City, but i played it almost the rest of the way… hehe… i love my DS… it’s navy blue… eh… haha… so then we got to the Taj Mahal… first thing after getting off the bus, like the other times i was there: restroom! lols~
so after that, i kind of have a group of people behind me… why me? i think i’m starting to know how you feel, Bowling Jeh… >_> told them they can go to the entrance first, but they have to wait for me when i went in Hard Rock to get Bowling Jeh some souvenirs… we passed by the amusement park too, it’s open this time… but we didn’t go out though… i kind of wanted to, but i didn’t want to miss anyone if they decide to walk in the front entrance… (not that Twins will and of course they didn’t…)
next thing to do is to look for the flowers! i think i might have spent half an hour doing that… running from the front desk to waiting for someone to pick up the phone etc. in between that we met up with Anthony and his friend Blake, the guys were from Minnesota and they went to the SF autographing and concert too… then they followed me also… >_<
so the front desk didn’t have the flowers, couldn’t find them at the other Trump casinos… finally found a Raymond Miu person to ask… "Did some flowers came for Twins?" "Is it the Pauline one?" "Yes!" "Yea, we got it, it’s backstage already." "Did Twins see?" "Don’t know, but it’s there." so then, at least we found the flowers… i was relieved… really relieved… then, i’m not sure what we did… lols~ it was like 11 or something… and the concert’s at 1… oh yea, i gave my letter to her to pass to Twins too, i trust her… she told me Steven was behind me before the pm show… hehe~ (more on that later? although it’s not really a lot…)
anyway, so we waited at the entrance for a long while… i kind of talked to the Raymond Miu people, namely Elsa, i think i almost got her in trouble… sorry Elsa Jeh… she asked me what i have in my backpack, i said signs, i think she was surprised… but i’m surprised too, she remembers me from Hocc’s concerts… i wasn’t crowding around them that time, but she remembered i was standing behind the other gootoes… hehe…
we were one of the first to get into the arena… the securities didn’t really check my bag… haha… i had thought before, what if they saw the light board? lols~ anyway, so we got in there, i knew exactly where to go and led the way… my fifth time time at the arena? *nods* yep… anyway, got to our seats, put down my bag… kind of hung around… until a little more people got in… and around our seats… someone (i forgot who) told me to show the light board… and so, i did… and i think i blinded a lot of innocent too… i think the security wanted to tell me off because he started walking towards us, but decided not to at the end… lols they were kind of loose this time… a lot of people got up during the concert…
aiy… this is long… let’s leave the rest of the am show for part iv, lols~
by the way, pics were from before the concert~
  1. pltang aka bowling jeh 說道:

    i see lotz of my name….
    juz look at my TAS board XD


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