Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part IV

Posted: 2007/10/10 in Concert Moments
Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part IV
time for the start of the concert! the music came… camera ready… i see them! (but my camera didn’t… lols, too dark for it…)
The Rundown
01. 大浪漫主義
02. 愛情當入樽
03. 飄零燕
04. 你不是好情人 Remix
05. 愛情突擊
06. 千金
07. 夏日狂嘩 |
08. 森巴皇后 | medley
09. 熱浪假期 |
10. Burn It Up
11. 死性不改 (With Sun Boy’z)
12. Hey You (Sun Boy’z)
13. 步步進逼 (Sun Boy’z)
14. 眼紅紅     |
15. 丟架        | kind of like a medley too
16. 多謝失戀  |
(audience on stage)
17. Ichiban興奮 (i don’t really remember, but i have a feeling this was a medley too… just don’t remember…)
18. 相愛6年
19. 風箏與風
20. 下一站天后
21. 戀愛大過天
22. 女校男生
23. Medley: 明愛暗戀補習社 // 飛線 // 神奇兩女俠 // 二人世界杯 // 活動教學 // 跅跅步哈姆太郎 // 魔法王國 // 星星月亮太陽 // 咩世界 // 你講你愛我 // 零4好玩 // 07奧運 // 冬令時間 // 星光遊樂園 // 森巴皇后
the empty divides the 4 sets of costumes they had, the 2nd set’s the one they wore especially for the NA tour… (so cute when Charlene said "tour")
as always, the show starts a little late because of people coming in… and… i don’t remember when it ended, because i didn’t think of looking at the time after the show… >_> too excited, i guess… hahaha
i remember the 愛情當入樽 dance from the 04 concert… 飄零燕 live was GREAT! they didn’t mess up, or i didn’t notice them messing up… hahahaha… i can’t multitask when i’m too excited? 你不是好情人 Remix was catchy… i was actually surprised when i found out they sang 愛情突擊 at the SF concert… they usually don’t sing "new" songs… i wish they sang 玩轉六年 medley instead though, party, but then, they did sing that last medley… hm… never mind, i guess… hahaha
ahh, 千金… wish they danced with each other instead… but they danced with the dancers, not Sun Boy’z… hahaha the 夏日狂嘩/森巴皇后/熱浪假期 medley’s the one with the one dance, the hand rubbing dance was really cute, it was during 熱浪假期~ Burn It Up, very familiar already… yep… their script didn’t change for the shows… still had William saying 姐姐 and Charlene going 啋 and Gillian’s 叫到老哂…
anyway, Sun Boy’z introduced the "game" Twins will play with the audience after singing with Twins (Charlene pointed to our side and they came over to us first, we were LOUD! lols), which i already knew was "proposal" from the SF concert… which we found out they look for the couple before the show (the director came and asked, Alan went up the second show and my camera shows "invalid format" or whatever because it ran out of batteries… so sad… aiy…)
眼紅紅… when Charlene was singing, stopping at the part where she was suppose to talk, i thought, it would be nice to scream her name, but it was too late… so when it was Gil’s turn, i screamd AH GIL!!! yea… lols… makes up for not really talking to her at the airport? then they did a survey on the ages of the audience… C: from 0, no, not 0 G: 0?? C: from 1 to 10… then it’s the audience proposal thing… they said some funny stuff… and Charlene was getting goosebumps from what the guy was saying… she kept rubbing her arms… lols~
Ichiban興奮 = beach ball time 1… i almost fell off a chair, so i quit standing on one… i don’t want to kill myself by trying to get a beach ball… yea… some girl fell off either this time or the second time… then another one almost fell (i caught her and kind of pushed her back up on the chair) because two guys almost started a fight because of the beach balls…
it was cute and touching when they sang 相愛6年… hm… that was the "last" song… i suppose… but they didn’t say bye before we went into "encore" mode…
after 風箏與風, Ceci went to give Twins the board she made… and C: hey, this board for us to hold? G: we’ll hold it ourselves… C: i hold for you and you hold for me us: the back! the back! then Gil held the board up and looked up and saw the pictures in the back~ then she told Charlene about the pictures… hehe me and Charlene is on it… yea, then Gil put it on the stage… hm… i wonder if someone came out and took it backstage… i was too busy paying attention to Twins… lols~
then the next 3 songs, we get to sing~ (that means, they "gave" us the mics…) we kind of messed up on the last line of 女校男生 though… who told them to give us the last line… they didn’t even have the lyrics on the big screens and you know how they have to wait a little before the start of the last line… so we messed up… (yea, i did too… lols) i think they learned their lesson and didn’t give us that line during the second show… hahaha (actually, was it 女校男生? i’m not sure now… lols~)
and the 20-minute medley… i missed 魔法王國 & 星星月亮太陽 because they were throwing out beach balls again… lols~ funny when they were singing 星光遊樂園, Gil laughed when she and the dancer next to her were kicking too high~ lol and that made Charlene laughed too~ yea… then when they left… (*sobs*) we went "KARGO KARGO!!" lols~
so then… the announcement came on and we all have to leave… *_* stayed at the entrance for a bit… tried getting back in because i forgot about the ticket stubs… the securities wouldn’t let me in… but then, some old ladies came out and i asked them if they have their ticket stubs, they said they saw a lot on the floors and seats and suggested i tell the securities i forgot my jacket or something… then, "hold on… i DID forget my jacket!" then i went back in~ hahaha, i did, i really did forget my adidas windbreaker… since i actually just threw it on the ground before the concert… hehe…
then i’m back inside walking all over the aisles looking for abandoned ticket stubs… Ceci came in and looked for some too~ lols~ and i did get my windbreaker back… one of the old ladies’ granddaughter or something saw it and hung it over a chair… what a coincidence~
yea, afterwards, we were just sitting/standing around the entrance… then i went, come sign the board! our Twins Alliance USA board, one was bent already… >_> anyway… we chatted and things… then finally, we walked back out… somebody said that Sun Boy’z will be out at 4 am, but at the end, we didn’t see them, but Kargo did come… before that, they sent me to the entrance to see if anybody will come out… gave the signed board to Vicky… and she gave it to Kargo to give to Twins… and i was like, "what about the pm people? they didn’t sign yet…" but yea, we weren’t getting it back… lols~
then it was time to leave… Raymond Miu people told us they might sell our seats for the pm bus if we don’t ride it in… so we have to go back out… slept a little on the bus, ate my flattened sandwich… got back to Chinatown, Ceci gave me her Kenny letter to pass to Steven to pass to Kenny if she doesn’t get to go to the pm show… stayed at McDonald’s… i bought an oj… Alexa had her head on the her elbows and slept… lols~
then, finally time to get back on the bus, back to where Twins are! i didn’t really sleep when we’re almost there… then i see some nice views of Atlantic City, not the impression i got every time i got there… there’s shops! lols~
so… until next part! lols~


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