Posted: 2007/12/10 in Wants?
hadn’t had one of these in a while… but…
(pics are shrinked as usual~)
FATE! (ok, fine, it doesn’t look really nice, at least not as nice as the Alter figure i have… but it’s 19-year-old Fate! this is probably the first Fate from StrikerS…)
introducing my other favorite in StrikerS — Subaru! (yes, i do believe it has something to do with the car brand… i mean, they did pay tribute(?) to the Subaru Vivio… i love Vivio, she’s too cute and very much like Fate…)
both of those are from Movic, which i hadn’t heard of until now, but in no way i’m sure if they’re new or not, but quality-wise, i like Alter… therefore…
Rein Force II! she’s very cute too~ this is the best one in this entry… hahaha~
another Alter figure, Nadie from El Cazador! (i have to admit i do not like this pose…)
(i wonder if i’ll let myself go again to get these… *has to save up for hk trip next year…*)


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