Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part V

Posted: 2007/12/28 in Concert Moments
Twins Sixth Anniversary World Tour @ Atlantic City Part V
shoot, now i think i waited a little too long to write… this is so late? more than 3 months already~ *shakes head at self*
September 23, 2007, Day 4
so yea, got to the casino again and waited by the entrance again at like 11:30 or something like that, i don’t remember anymore… hahaha… i stood there and talked to Elsa & co. for a little… no crowd hogging around them like at Hocc’s this time… lols~ and i told them again i was going to drop by on Monday to get "stuff"
the concert’s at 2, we got there around 9 or 10… so we got hours to waste… once again, i didn’t walk around the casino… >_> wonder when i would do that? but if you let me choose, finding idols vs. "sightseeing" at the casino, i’d pick the former… how often do i get to see them in real life?
met up with Joanna sometime… then we were sitting outside the restrooms next to the entrance in front of the soda machines listening to Twins and Sun Boy’z rehearse… hahaha~ that was great… got a small glimpse of them when people walk in and out of the doors too… i walked near the doors a couple of times too, just to let Ceci (who can finally come and on the way on a bus…) listen to 飄零燕… i think i was singing quietly along with 死性不改 too… Alexa was sitting there charging her iphone… lols~ i find that funny~ she and Joanna were chatting a bit while i was walking up and down singing to myself… >_> (what a good "host," huh? lols) i have no idea where the others are though… who cares, they missed the audio part of the rehearsal, their loss… lols~
then they started shooing us out, so we went back to line up… this is when i talked to the Raymond Miu people again… lols~ after a bit, we start to really line up to go inside again… then Kargo walked by and i called out to him… asked him if he saw those two who were helping him buy something for his girlfriend the night before, he said no… hm… i don’t remember what else i talked to him about, but he was in a rush (of course, the show’s going to start in an hour or so?) think i told him to come back out after the show?
so finally, we were let in again, they didn’t really check my bag again… lols~ kind of talked to another Raymond Miu person, forgot to ask for her name… had to deliver Ceci’s letter to Kenny to Steven, she said Steven was behind me, i didn’t believe her, but she keeps saying that and then i turned around and saw Sun Boy’z! lols~ i was like Steven Steven! this is for Kenny! and i’m not Ah Si, i didn’t write that! lols~ he went 咁都得? lols~ they were walking really fast too~ maybe i should’ve wrote them something too… *shrugs* oh well~
so then, we’re inside waiting~ and Joyce came over for glow sticks… (saw her and her two friends before the show too? don’t really remember now… it’s been more than 3 weeks… and did i mention i sold all my glow sticks? lols~) she’s the one 踩場 wearing a Live In Unity hoodie… (i did thought of bringing my 光明cap to 踩場 too, but didn’t at the end… lols i’d love to have 踩 Joey’s 場 with the 光明cap though… hahahahaha!!!)
waiting for show to start and keeping in touch with Ceci… the show started before she got here… the rundown’s same as the one before… (they didn’t sing the Mandarin medley i wanted… they did sing it at SF & Toronto’s concerts though… sighs…) Ceci came when they were singing/almost finishing 飄零燕… i ran out… kind of weird, running outside during a song, but yea… went out to get her and Elsa’s like, oh that’s your friend? get inside! so yea, we got back in… and she tried to squeeze into my seat with me… -_- of course that didn’t work, they shooed her to the back… and she took baby with her… *_*
when Sun Boy’z and Twins sang 死性不改, Steven might have remembered me from before the show~ lols! he sang me two lines~ and i sang with him too, so i didn’t take pictures or videos for a little while… =P "誰戀愛就多障礙 死性我不想改 如我沒有你的愛 我沒法活得來" and i think someone’s disappointed that i didn’t get William dancing over when they sang Hey You… oops… lols
almost another fight during the first beach ball session… and i didn’t get one again… lols~ nope, but Ceci got me one~ got herself one~ got Bowling Jeh one too~ lols~ Gil threw them~ or kicked them… or maybe even spiked them… since Ceci was standing on a chair in front of me… i couldn’t really see… lols~ but yep, it was from Gil’s hands~~ *happy* (although it’s kind of still on my floor, flattened… hm… >_> *wonders what i can do with it…*)

i didn’t really "sing" as much during the "Twins give us the microphone" songs because i think i’m out of voice already… and of course everyone got high again during the last medley… and people were getting killed and ambushed again… >_>

anyway, that’s it for the concerts!

that night when we came back, me and Anna, Evelyn, Alexa went to Congee Village for dinner, Ceci left before we eat because she had to go home… the food’s pretty good… lols~ we thought we might bump into THEM, yea, since the restaurant’s one of the sponsors and that Mani said the food was good too… but i think they already ate there the first night or something, or maybe after they shopped around Soho…

so, the next entry about this will be the left for this trip, about my day 5, last day and sad day of the trip AND it’ll be in Chinese because i feel like writing it…

(wow, 6 parts in total…)



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