Posted: 2008/01/26 in Dated
容祖祖呀~點解妳唔可以好似何CC咁,演唱會之前俾哂啲souvenirs sample我哋睇?等我知到有啲乜嘢可以托人幫我買丫嘛~Chofy係就係肉酸咗啲,但係有隻Miffy搭救丫嘛。。。有匙圈/電話繩又唔講。。。都係校長諗得周到。。。好在Twins嘅演唱會我會親自到場啫~
YungChoCho~ why can’t you be like Hocc, showing us all her souvenirs before the concert? so i’d know what i can ask people to help me get~ Chofy is a bit ugly, but Miffy helps out a lot by being there too… and you didn’t say a thing about key chain/phone straps… our principal thought more thoroughly for us… lucky i’m there in person for Twins’ concert~



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