Posted: 2008/03/18 in Dated
you know what, i think i’m just mo liu… i did a lot of stuff to my phone…
i made a Fate theme some time last week, ok, maybe more like editted one that someone else made, but it’s black and red and so Fate-ish…
i flashed my phone on saturday… now i can use trad Chinese on it, so cool… and freed a lot of space since it cleared all the junk AT&T put in there… and i got rid of that cheap "internet button" and turn it back into the normal shortcut button… and i got two full games too…
i flashed it again yesterday with an older firmware because there’s a light bug in the newer ones… the bug is that the light turns back to the default walkman green-orange ugly color whenever you exit the walkman… that bugs me… and deleted one of the shutter sounds because i don’t want it to make any noise when i take a picture…
today, i made, ok, editted a walkman 2.0 skin to Fate-themed… it’s just red and black and Fate-ish, so it’s nice to compliment that theme i editted… then i deleted the preloaded music/ringtones/pictures that you can’t delete by using the delete option on the phone… i also got rid of the shut down sound…
i thought of doing a new turn on and shut off screens, but then, it’ll probably take a lot of time, so i passed… it was kind of hard to find a font color that looks good on both black and yellow… i chose purple and tweaked the shade and brightness a bit so it’ll look at least less glaring…
well, that’s all my phone ventures for now… (and so, my phone’s ready for AB08 with Fate T. everywhere!)
btw, my computer’s Fate-ish now too… the wallpaper, some icons, even the windows live display picture… i’m even using the Mid-Childa font! (please refer to the anime… hahahaha)
if 06-07 is Natsuki year, then 07-08 must be Fate year… yea, now that i think about it 05-06 is Haruka year… i wonder who will capture me next… lols
and this section here is dedicated to my cousin…
hey biu, happy birthday!



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