08/03/21, AnimeBoston 2008, Day 1

Posted: 2008/03/22 in AnimeBoston
so i saw a bunch of ppl from Death Note (mostly L because i think it’s easy to get costumes for… lols~ there’s a really good Ryuk too…), a bunch of Sailor Moons ppls (quite a few Moons, a couple of Jupiters and Venus, a Minako and Mercury, don’t think i saw Mars though…), the 3 Outers, Haruka was great! didn’t think i saw any HiME folks this time (last year there for a set of Mai/Mikoto/Natsuki) still a lot of characters from Naruto and Bleach… a lot from Square Enix game series, which means a bunch of big weapons as well (includes a very cute shota Sora with a matching smaller keyblade…) a person wearing a normal box with a handwritten "Gundam" on the front… a speaker and a tv… lols! a Meowth, a Bowser, some Marios… Disney Princesses… Darth Vader… Batman… heh? i think it became a bit like Halloween… >_>
ok, first day… since it’s Good Friday, i didn’t have work, unlike last year… i got there around 10:30-ish, planned to see the opening ceremony at 11am, so just walked around a bit instead of standing in line, we sat first row of the second section… so yea… they did intros and thanks and stuff… it was fun-ish~ lols~ we get to hear the tokyo pinsalocks say japanese and english~ lols~ (but i missed them since i went to the AMV screening)
the dealer’s room opens at 12 and the oc ended at around 11:45, BUT! ppl were lining up already, so i went to the gaming room with my brother, seeing rock band, super smash bros brawl (planning to get this… it’s fun…) then went back out and seeing the line going in, while it’s still not too short, a cloud was there with his weapon, and it was taken apart, 1 sword became 6 swords, that was quite cool, but he had a hard time putting it back together, and the line was short enough to get in, so i didn’t see the ultimate weapon… bought the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and "" A’s artbook… it was expensive, but yea, it’s one of the two things i found that has Fate on it… the other, i might buy on the last day if they still have it since i know there’s a better looking one…
then went up to the artists alley to see katie and tina… (i didn’t buy anything from them… lols~) they had bleach, host club, naruto, and tsubasa… none of which i love a lot, so yea… maybe i’ll get a mokona on the last day… lols~ spent quite some time there, helped out a bit too by cutting their kukkii-kami business cards (yes, that was an advertisement… they’re really cute…)
i went back to the dealer’s room and bought my second and last item of the day, a… what’s that thing called in Nausicaä? you know, that cat-like creature… lols~ i love Miyazaki stuff… at least, most of them anyway… i’ll do pictures at the end of everything…
oh, lunch took place somewhere between the above events… then met up with kelly and david, who was in the pre-reg line for 3-4 hours, for dinner at a japanese ramen place across the street… someone in the reg line was waving at us when we were walking back… it seem like a fun idea, so i waved back, getting a jumpy reaction from that person, should’ve flashed my badge and make them jealous~ lols!
it’s about time for the AMV screening when we got back, so we got in line… got in the left side of the first section, so my neck is a bit tired from looking up almost the whole time… i voted last year, but not this because i didn’t have a pen and was too lazy to ask for one… lols~ someone made a Fate AMV! i didn’t really like it though, it’s the drama category, but not dramatic as the death note one, so yea… and another thing about it was that person showed Fate, her mom, Arf, and Signum, no Nanoha at all… it’s about her mom’s not really her mom because Fate’s a clone, i’d categorize this as angst… wouldn’t drama be like, Fate gone through all this and Nanoha appears, becomes her friend and make her past a history? hm… and i just noticed they spelled StrikerS wrong… (they spelt it as Stryker S)
they showed all the boring stuff first, drama, romance, action… (some action are not boring, but i’m not an action person, so i think they are…) but kelly and david left before that, so they missed out, they thought everything was boring… so then a couple of songs more, it’s comedy time! the funny stuff comes, one of them has lyrics that go something like "i know how to get on your nerves" and the verse keeps repeating and repeating, everyone laughs when it begins again and started clapping to the beat… one of them fit cartoon themes onto anime clips… that was funny too… the best thing was shown at the very end, Dead Fantasy I & II… Dead or Alive vs. Final Fantasy etc. that was awesome… you can search for I online, but as for II, AnimeBoston got the premiere…
so when everything’s over, went to look for kelly-tachi, called them and they said they were in a video room, so i went there to find them, go inside and see… naked guys on the screen?? turns out they were curious and decided to check out some regular hentai and went to see "No Money" but it’s yaoi… -_- that hurt my eyes… i do not like boys’ love… so yea, interesting end for the day… (and maybe they should’ve went to the ultimate hentai panel instead…)



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