08/03/22, AnimeBoston 2008, Day 2

Posted: 2008/03/23 in AnimeBoston
saw a Mars and Saturn today, but the Mars was a guy and the Saturn was expanding horizontally too much… lols~ sorry… saw the stuff from yesterday, plus some Dragon Ball people, such as Goku, Vegeta, i think there was 3 Trunks in that masked hero outfit… saw Rozen Maiden ppls… a bunch of Haruhis… a really cute Hunny-sempai… Pikachu… Keroberos… Sakura and Syaoran…
so got there around the same time again… wanted to see if they’ll show Dead Fantasy again in the morning AMV screening, turns out they didn’t… *sigh* so i went around the dealer’s room again, went up to help my friends again… lols, waiting for the pillows concert, but couldn’t get in at all because there’s too many ppl, but i already told myself, either i get in or i don’t because i’m not standing in line for it… lols~ if it was say… Mizuki Nana, then would i stand in line for 4 hours? yes! i don’t even know the pillows, so yea…
went to see some haibane renmei, the ending of kannazuki… (ooo, i saw a very very good cosplay of Chikane and Himeko… their costumes were really good…), ramen fighter (kanban mesume), fell asleep within the laughter of it… lols~ then kind of drifted around between the dealer’s room and artist’s alley, then stayed in the artist’s alley since the dealer’s room closes at 6, then waited for the masquerade… (yes, i did not eat lunch, but i bought a chocolate milkshake…)
i think i didn’t get into the masquerade until an hour past… i went in on the 3rd floor through a back door… lols~ it wasn’t locked and my brother was up there… so yea… saw some funny stuff… hm… like ah my goddess dancing the lucky star dance… and… i don’t remember… lols!!
i only bought two magazines today, if i didn’t buy them today, i wouldn’t find them tml… planning to get whatever else i wanted to get tml since it’ll be the cheapest…
and when we left after the masquerade through the door i went in, someone who left through the same door said something about modesty, i had no idea what he was talking about until i walk over there again thinking if i should walk down the escalators… i saw this girl’s head on this guy’s lap and was…giving him oral sex???? then i was calm and walked away and decided to take the elevator instead… omg… although there’s rarely anybody walking over there, at least hide behind something… i can’t believe this… first night, yaoi, tonight, this… *shakes head*



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