08/03/23, AnimeBoston 2008, Last Day

Posted: 2008/03/24 in AnimeBoston
last day… hm… got there around the same time, dealer’s room right away, looking at the stuff that’s left… since it’s the last day, i decided to buy stuff… hahaha… and actually asked about nanoha stuff too, but they told me ppl keep asking for stuff they don’t have… well… can’t help it… let’s hope for next year! lols!
cosplay chess at 11, no sailor moon got killed this time… kids vs. adults… but the chess pieces keep getting murdered by "team evil" and they keep having to come up with replacements… hahaha… light killed l, the twins were killed… there were two haruhis on the black side… (from ouran and melancholy, the melancholy one got killed…) shinji and his dad were the players, gendo forfeited coz he had better things to do so kids win… but team evil came out and killed everyone, so they won… then kira came and killed them, so he won… but it turns out his death note was a fake, then he got arrested… then "justice" won… but then pirates of the caribbean ran over team evil and made the final win! lols! yea, team evil just comes out and randomly kills people… i think they killed sora…
then went back to the dealer’s room again and buy my things… i think i’m probably getting a gundam every year… i didn’t get any goos this time, it’s more infested with death note stuff and yoshis… i wanted a set, but they’re small and 12 each… times 7 equals 84… and i have no idea where to put them, so whatever… i got a shana figure, gremilns, i had no idea what’s in the boxes before i opened them, so i took a chance at the weight of the boxes, at least i know it won’t be the same one… that’s how you should buy trading figures, you guess the weight… lols~ then phone strap, keychain, pin… that other fate thing was gone today, but it was 10 or sth anyway and i didn’t like it that much, so yea…
then at 3, after the dealer’s room closed, it’s time for the closing ceremony, nothing much there, they gave out some small plushies, katie, the turtle, actually caught a turtle… lols… then they showed the amv winners again… then they shooed ppl away by playing this song… go here and you’ll know what it is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kAv2DW7-Iic
and good thing nothing like last night had happened today… >_>
here’s the pics of the stuff i bought…
i think these mags were aimed at guys more… but no discrimination, i like fate-tachi…



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