Posted: 2008/04/16 in Dated
got lazy again… whatever…
one year anniversary since i started working here at this company…
what changed? my title… my work… my pay (very important… lols~) and that’s basically it… i’m still seeing the same people and sitting at the same desk… kind of boring, but i’d rather have a peaceful day instead of problems rising everywhere… ok, not very ambitious, but i think i’m pretty destined to be normal and i’m fine with that…
i’m like 9 hours into ring of fates, i think i’m playing at a slow speed… can’t help it if i have to run back to the save point every time one of my characters die…
nothing much to watch in terms of anime in the month of april… there’s lots of bl, which i’m not interested… and a bunch of ecchi stuff, which i’m not too fond of… but… i am watching, or rather, will try to watch one for both these genres… why? the bl one, just because of the storyline, quite interesting… the ecchi one, because of the seiyuus…
besides that, i’m watching xxxHolic… the 2nd season is airing now also, so i want to catch up…



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