Posted: 2008/04/17 in Dated
i don’t know what to write… hm… here: click… listen to Nana Mizuki!
first time posting a download link and it’s Nana…
i’ve been listening to 范瑋琪 + 張韶涵’s 如果的事… if this was sang by one person, people wouldn’t think that much on the lyrics… but whatever, it’s a nice song…
i received a card for a package today and i have no idea what it is…
and a credit card bill… i think i’ll throw this one with all my not used much anymore cards after i pay it off, which is…next month… lols~ i like to take advantage of the 0% APRs…
i just got told that some stupid cnn guy said Chinese are garbage… hm… discrimination, i think he should be offed…



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