Posted: 2008/04/23 in Dated
finished ring of fates on saturday… total of 15 hrs 26 min 34 sec… that includes all the movies and things… that’s a little more than 4.5 hrs short of how long someone said it’ll take to finish it… well, i started playing again and i’m skipping all the things i can skip… let’s see how long it takes to finish it this time…
i just ordered keychains… bardiche, raising heart, jigoku shoujo straw doll, and a new love, saber’s excalibur… why? i don’t really know… i really, really want bardiche, so to make the shipping more worth it, this happened…
trying to learn secret ambition now… ok, so i haven’t fully learnt sakura fubuki yet, but i got bored of it… you try listening to one song whenever you can for three weeks… lols… hopefully with my love for fate and new found love for nana, i’ll learn it before i get tired of it… or i’ll just start on innocent starter/eternal blaze/massive wonders… even heart-shaped chant/brave phoenix… (seriously, i thought "nakusumono wa" sounded a lot like "like a supernova")
currently, fate still holds my love… i wonder who’s next… lols~ (yea, saber was cool, got the green eyes and all, but not enough interaction between my ideal couple for the series… rather than ideal, more like these other people were putting ideas into my head, making me think there must have been hints in the anime… clair didn’t hold me, because the i didn’t really like the story that much, it’s ok…)



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