Posted: 2008/04/26 in Dated
you know what? i just realized that i repeated "love" a lot in my last entry… i "never" write that word… what’s happening to me? and why am i playing this… this computer game?? not that i never played these kind before, but none of them were like this… i know what i was getting myself into when i downloaded it, but "curiousity kills the cat", right? and in this case, it’s me…
lols~ XP
i still need a box for my new cds…
i guess i’m not fast enough to get a usb… *sigh* really want that thing! or rather, listen to the stuff inside of it~
and i started playing "the world ends with you"… yes, that’s the title… weird rpg where you have to control two characters, one on each screen to fight… my mom said "chi sin ga? which one to pay attention to?" hahaha
i think this is one of those times i need to think about anything else… else…
anyway, my keychains should be here next week?
and i should lower my volume before turning on my external drive because bardiche’s voice scared me just now when he said "captured"
i should start watching xenoglossia too, but i don’t think i should do that at work because i’m assuming there might be fan service that is nfws… i wanted to stop watching shana when i saw there were bath scenes and when the twins kiss, but i figured it’ll only be a few seconds, so i finished them… so then i have to think of something to watch… maybe jigoku 2? i want to rewatch the nanoha series, but i kept remembering one scene that is so nfws…
i want to make a led light board for joey~ i’ve been looking into that stuff since last year… *sigh* now that reminds me of september, which reminds me of this month, which reminds me of where i would have been if not for that… leads me into remembering i could’ve been there for the usb and all those goodies!!! who’s fault is it???
calm down… >_> let’s think of the good stuff… such as… peking duck… hahaha i have to have that when i go back to hk… my #1 must eat… want to go to ocean park… no 360 ride for me though…
and i had a really weird dream the other night… bella set fire to a theater… yep… my friends were stuck in there, then i found the side door was opened, i went in and found a really cool light/laser/visual show of fire instead… really weird… then another night i was talking to charlene at the airport… strange is i don’t remembering seeing or hearing anything that has her in it before i went to sleep… "day think, night dream" is it?
after typing these things, i don’t think i’ll be dreaming today… i’ll write about it if i do and if i remember it… lols~
lots of random stuff, i know, but i guess i feel kind of messed up right now, so i’m probably not thinking too straight… i’m also thinking about buying a newer smaller laptop… (did i write about that yet?) this toshiba satellite i have has a 15.4" screen… and is quite heavy… how did i ever lived without a computer all summer in 2001 anyway?



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