Posted: 2008/04/29 in Dated
i’m confused watching haruhi… i accidentally watched episode 5 before 4, but i don’t see a problem… i know there are numerous orders in which the episodes can be watched, but this is crazy… anyway… i’m having fun watching it… the song is getting to me and so is the dance…
after this, i believe i’ll be infected with lucky star… i don’t think this dance will get to me though because it doesn’t look like a "dance" to me…
i really shouldn’t be downloading so many series… now my desktop is overcrowded with unseen episodes… i don’t even know if i want to keep them or not…
oh, there’s this new sexual education anime… i watched the first episode and i think this prevents parents from getting into such a sensitive topic, but no guarantees that the kid won’t have questions afterwards… lols~ (and in case you’re wondering, i was er, playing my, er, game… and the temperature kind of rised a bit… so i picked an episode 1 from all the stuff i downloaded and it happens to be this… i realized all the fire went down after watching this… lols)



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