Posted: 2008/05/06 in Dated
i was thinking today… it’s fairly easy to make me cry, actually… a nice touching fanfic would do… i can’t count how many times they did that to me… it doesn’t matter if the ending happy or sad, it just had to pull some strings… like the one i just read… over 16,000 words, read in two days… it’s called "Week"… it’s not really a sad ending, but the two people didn’t end up together… they had fun for a week as a couple, but at the end, she said she tried, she tried really hard… as i like the other character more, it was heartbreaking… i never read english fanfics at work, but i just had to finish it asap… so i had to take a few deep breaths after reading it…
anyway… abiguous title, isn’t it? whenever i put down a title in my blog, it’s always like this… for one, i don’t really want you to find what i was reading… two… i can’t think of a two… i just don’t want people to guess what i’m reading too easily… hahaha
other types of tear-jerkers… i found some light (thankfully) scratches on the driver side fender of my car… i’d have to wash and clean and scratchx it, then wax it good when the weather’s nice again…
i think i felt jealousy today too… i saw another red one at the bottom of the garage i park at work… well… let’s not talk about the 3 i saw at the nearby dealership, shall we?
what do i need for my car… i think a new front bumper would be great… wind visors might be nice… tints, of course… nice looking set of wheels/rims/whatever… snows to go along with that… (what was it that made me crack my bumper again? stupid ice and snow…) i have to see if i need some new grills too… would be nice to see if i can find some place that can put clear wraps on my car… all this would probably cost $2000 more or less…
what else can i talk about today…
oh! i know, almost the end of the day, i was waiting for stuff to come in to continue working, my manager was standing behind me and guess what i was doing? i was at hlj looking at haruhi stuff, he just said "buy it!" and i went "no." i was looking for haruhi stuff because i saw the figures on on.cc and thought they were cute, so went to look for them… i’m not that into haruhi yet for me to get figures of them, but i might be, so in case i do, i’d have something to look for at animeboston next year…



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