Posted: 2008/05/23 in Dated
seriously, what is wrong with me lately?
the next one is probably going to be like:

hm… i should stop… i not killing myself over these spendings, but i should stop… well… maybe after my 7 project is up-to-date… and i’m not stopping my regulars either… i’m not seeing a drop in savings either… lols~ that’s good, means i’m making more than enough to cover my sprees… (even if it may be a small amount… i’m not counting… i know i have enough to go back to hk and have a lot and get a lot of stuff… well… maybe not since i’m not sure what i want to get yet…)
dad just gave me his parking ticket, he said don’t let mom know… he has been getting tickets a lot… i say he should just take the t since gas prices are high anyway… i’m not letting him on my car unless he quits smoking though… i’ve owned it for almost a year now and really, he had never been on my car…



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