not too sure i want this in “Wants?"

Posted: 2008/05/29 in Wants?
i seem to put all figure related entries here… so whatever… lols~
i ordered two figma figures on sunday… the latest they’ll come, friday… fast stuff…
nanoha and saber
reason for nanoha – i don’t want fate to be lonely this time, so time to get both…
saber – temporary substitute (??) for fate while i wait for rin and fate…
…nah, i love saber… and i AM waiting for rin… though i’m not too sure if they’re out already or what…
here’s a teaser for fate
i also wanted to buy this set…
er no… haruhi, quit groping mikuru! (poor mikuru, had to become a toy and victim of haruhi’s sexual harassments…)
this set:
but seeing i don’t really have THAT much love with the series and (mostly because) kyon’s sold out everywhere… *shrugs* (i still want a yuki though… i like her, she’s cool…)
and it’s interesting to see hirano aya voiced characters standing together like this
well, it’s not really a surprise, but no coincidence when both lucky star and melancholy of suzumiya haruhi are made by the same studio… konata the otaku "cosplaying" haruhi in that one episode… i have to commend aya-chan for the voice switches… (she’s got the same birthday as me… note: birthday, not birth date…)
i kind of want these two, but thinking that i haven’t actually really watched lucky star, i don’t want to go too far with it… besides, konata’s not released yet…
overall, figmas are good stuff… i don’t really know about the joints, but without them, these wouldn’t be figmas, would they?
the pictures seems to have sized down on it’s own, click to enlarge… that’s one good thing i suppose… i wish this place would let me tag entries too…


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