Posted: 2008/06/02 in Dated
washed my car today… found a few unwanted things on the surface that i can’t get rid of… *sigh* maybe i should take it to a detailing session… maybe i should regret not washing it as often?
watched a bit of the 6/1 512 charity show and felt like donating some more… hm… i should also call my other student loan lender to change my repayment plan… i hate interests… and i still owe how much? omg, i don’t want to be reminded of the amount… nonetheless, my financial situation is good enough, i wouldn’t know how good i’ll be if i was to go rent a place on my own though, so as good as the idea gets, i’m not moving out any time soon… lols~
that 2nd episode release on the 27th was a lie and i’ll have to see tomorrow if they lied again…
i’ll have to call a few places tomorrow car business… it’s probably going to be my first and last car if i really am going to move back to hk permanently in a few more years… if we really don’t have an apocalypse before that… but well, gas prices soaring is already considered a bit of a catastrophe, global warming, the not too natural (to me, at least) amount of natural and human-caused disasters, etc… i don’t have much "plans" for the future and if we’re all going to die, why not have fun before that? (and fling all your money while doing it~ lols~)
i’m also dead set on going back to hk within the year, although i’m not sure when exactly… currently waiitng for news and it should be september or october since i’m sure many people would be asking for day offs in november and december since there’s thanksgiving and christmas in those months… i’m also going to see joey in september so… ah, reminded myself of something… (oh, and did i still not write that last part of my concert moments? hm…)



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