Posted: 2008/06/15 in Dated
got my car tinted today… 145, actually 5 bucks cheaper than the original estimate… *shrugs* and 1.5-hour predicted time became about an hour or so… 35% in front two windows and 26% for the back ones… you can’t really tell it’s a bit darker anyway… (and before the tints, the back windows already looked darker than the front ones…)
dropped my mom and brother off at the mall before i went to get the tints, so i’d have to go back afterwards… when we were leaving, we passed by the handbags section and saw a bag with four of those security alarm things on it, we thought it was silly, so we went searching for a possible one with five, but we didn’t find any… lols~
i drove over 41mpg today and the mileage on my car broke 2700 miles… (wow, is that really an year old car? i bet we’re going to take my car out more often because of the gas prices, which i don’t really mind too much… it’s over $4/gal around here now… i filled up last sunday when it was $3.91/gal… and i left my receipt on the car AGAIN…) my car’s "new" epa rating is 29/35 and again, i’m proud that i was going over 41 today… *smiles*
we went to a toyota dealership to look at the new corollas per my mom’s request… saw one yaris liftback and it had to be red… lols~ there’s a bunch of sedans though… feels a bit low in the corolla (my brother doesn’t like that), but probably because i’m used to my car… sat in a new matrix, feels about the same… also went to sit on the xB and xD… both feel pretty big, but again, headroom… mom likes the corolla, but it’s too expensive… i asked if she were to choose between that and the fit, what she would choose, she said the fit, no doubt i’d pick fit over corolla too…
just watched the first episode of minami-ke, funny stuff, hope it doesn’t bore me at the end… also, there’s finally a set date on episode two of the thing i’ve been waiting for since, i believe, may 27th… jun 21st, hopefully it doesn’t get pushed again…



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