Posted: 2008/06/17 in Dated
happy b-day to the one 踩爆紅館~~!!
other than that… i cleaned out my magazines today to make room for more figures…
i need clear plastic thingys over them… i have to do something about the top one too… (hm… should put those coats away too…)
and the boxes of magazines… (they’re yes and yes idol… i grew out of them… learned a lot stuff from them though…)
here are two more new toys i got…
the ferrari testarossa from 1984, besides the year, i got it because it’s a testarossa
the yaris, of course, planning to put it in my car, too bad we don’t have the 4-door here or i’d definitely get that instead and the fact nobody ever made 2-door diecasts… (talking about that… i need to get cabin filters… wanted to get them today, but forgot the part # when i was in the store…)



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