Posted: 2008/06/19 in Dated
well, i got my cabin filter yesteray and put it in after i parked at work… went to cheesecake factory for dinner and i was paying… guess why? lols
and today, i got my cds and my free melancholy figure… well, lucky it’s free, i’m not paying for a randomly selected figure… too bad it’s not yuki though, i like yuki… and the fact that haruhi’s wearing a swimsuit bothers me a bit too… *looks at my other figures* the only swimsuit clad figure is natsuki… now it’s natsuki and haruhi…
those cases behind haruhi is the other stuff i got today… if you don’t know her, she’s nana mizuki… when i start buying cds, it means i really like that person, which probably doesn’t fade until at least 10 years… that’s a long time… and the starlight dvd is finally here…
i also got my window deflectors today… didn’t expect it yet, but they’re here and my tints are curing… >.> i guess i’ll have to install them next week… and my bank statement came too, i’m surprised to find $500 more than last month since i was pretty sure i paid a lot of debts here and there… well, good for me then~ lols~
i really hate the savings here because they give so little interest… *flips statement* … … 0.3%… … … wow… *looks at hsbc direct savings* 3.5%… hm… maybe i should move my savings… >.>



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