Posted: 2008/06/27 in Dated
took a day off on tuesday… dad suddenly had a week of vacation, so we can’t go get the tv on saturday… since i have a day off, i took mom’s car along with my brother and went to nh to pick up tv + tv stand… dad was like, "you’re driving that car?" because we told me we were going go-karting… lols~ which we really went, but those go karts were going like 3 mph… >.> then my mom and brother moved those things in the garage when dad’s not looking… lols~
anyway… guitar hero on tour came and it hurts to play it… i can play 1-2 hour no problem on ps2, but this… 2-3 songs at best…. it just hurts so much… they should design a better grip…
got an email that they can’t find anymore subarus, so i cancelled the order along with teana… i don’t want teana without subaru or the other way around… (but i can definitely get fate without nanoha… lols~)
what else?
oh, i installed my visors, my dad went, "yours are transparent" me, "yea, and?" dad, "…" lols~ either that is a generation gap or he doesn’t know how to get me to talk…
i have my eyes set on momo wheels and either toyo or pirelli winter tires… i just have to find them at the same place… hm…
and i’ve decided to join the club… and buy some goods too…



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