Posted: 2008/07/09 in Dated
i just said good night to people, but remember i haven’t written the blog i wanted to… >.> talk about bad memory…
so… we got july 4th… didn’t do much, except lighting fireworks at night at a small beach on 3a… fireworks… they’re fun… lols~ upload some stuffs laters…
went to new hampshire… don’t really remember what we did… i know i was being bored half the time… probably because i don’t have to drive and keep thinking i want to buy rock band and reminding myself i’ve been buying too much stuff lately…
bbq at somebody’s place… super hot, a lot of mosquitos, just want to go home… never wanted to at the first place anyway… i ate 1.5 hamburgers, 2 cans of coke… lols~
that’s my past weekend…
yesterday was 7/7, nana day~ lols~
also, saimoe tournament 2008 has started… but i probably won’t post anything before the start of the actual tournament… i mean, there’s way too much characters in these elimination rounds… nanoha was 3rd in round 1 group 1, hayate was 2nd in round 1 group 2, fate’s in today’s group 3 match… hm… see a pattern?
went to the dentist today… he said in about a couple more times, then i’d be free… ^^ but for now, my teeth are hurting again… >.<
starting to think of going to japan for a few days when i’m back in hk… have to go to singapore too… i have stuff over there i need to get… lols~ if i really do go to japan, akiba would probably be a must visit… shibuya, shinjuku, harajuku…



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