Posted: 2008/08/12 in Dated
i don’t know what to write about… just want to type a bit… hm… just got rock band… playing the drums hurt… didn’t get my wheels yet… going to get them tomorrow, hopefully… nothing much has been going on… hm… sushi tomorrow afternoon and shabu at night! hm… what else? still debating on nyaf… why?? why can’t it be friday concert, saturday signing??? hm… my camera fits in the goo collection ipod bag… lol… i still haven’t fixed my phone theme or the cyclods theme and didn’t start making my moonshell theme… somehow my car got scratched… *frustrated* i keep forgetting to get a couple of binder clips from work… china is winning on gold and losing on overall medals… =.= i want a fujitsu foma f906i… it’s too expensive though… setting higher and higher goals? =p i want a netbook too… just because it’s small enough to bring everywhere… i have external hdds for my storage needs… oh, i’m running out of room on my desktop hdds and the externals that’s always connected (not always on)… i think i need a bigger external drive… i actually have two portable ones that i can use on trips… so that’s good… dates for vacation is very likely set on oct 11 to nov 9 with oct 17 to oct 19 to singapore, no set dates for tokyo yet, but planning to go for 4 to 5 days… and that’s all the randomness i have for today…



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