Anime Saimoe Tournament 2008

Posted: 2008/08/15 in Saimoe Tournament
it’s time for the annual Saimoe Tournament! (if you realized, i didn’t vote or anything last year, but i will this year… or actually, i’ve already been voting in the preliminaries…)
the First Round will be separated into three parts… Groups A – B; Groups C – E ; and Groups F – H… the first matches will be on the 18th… first day and there’s a Nana character, who do you think i’m voting for?? although beating 3 characters is hard… in the second day matches you’ll find Fate with a couple of strong opponents… =.=" then the third day, Toma-kun in the same match as last year’s winner?? @.@
the three Nana characters don’t just face strong opponents, but also on the same side of the grid… i, of course am and have always been a fan of Fate, but getting her in the finals is a lot harder this year… *sighs* go Nana!!
more after each match… *hopes at least Fate pulls through…*
(i hate death matches… ~.~)


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