Posted: 2008/08/16 in Dated
the books have arrived!
(what? books?)
yea, books! i bought a total of 8 books… nothing like really sophisticated, but definitely enough to make me think… well, at least half of the books would do that… i don’t think the two tokyo where-to guides will lead me to think of anything other than places to have fun when i’m there… lols~
i don’t think i want to start any of them tonight because i’m already yawning at — 11:30pm — wow, early… (and i want to watch some episodes…)
i’ve written something on facebook today… i don’t really think i’d continue it, but it’s there if i do want to do something with it… i also have something else in a notebook, which is probably covered with dust right now and i definitely don’t want to touch it… haha~



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