Joey Starlight Live @ Atlantic City Part 1

Posted: 2008/10/09 in Concert Moments
my little trip went from Sept 25-28… why? because i went to the airport~~
i miss you Joey!!!
here goes…
September 25th, 2008, Day 1
took the 6:30am bus to NYC… got there around 11, traffic… =.= Joey’s supposed to arrive at 1:10pm, so i don’t want to miss it… first time receiving an international flight… lols first time seeing Joey, can’t go to airport and just miss her, right?
first thing when arriving at NYC is the calls… i was to meet up with Anna and Evelyn at their school… then Ceci on the way there… we were on the phone a few times when i was still on the bus too… we didn’t really nail the details down when i was still at home… but yea… then Ceci asked if i can help her get Starlight DVD, but i couldn’t find an authentic copy of it in chinatown, at least, not the places i went… then rushed to the subway… had to go to 23rd st, but i took the wrong train? and had to walk like 1 or 2 more block(s) than i needed, but whatever… lols~
we didn’t get on a taxi until 11sth-12pm… we got to the airport so early that not even the rm ppl were there yet… =.= the plane landed like 10 minutes late, but the customs! (i’m blaming them even if it’s not them) they took forever! Joey didn’t even come out until like 2sth-3pm… before Joey came out, the six of us, including Ah Kei and Alan, were just sitting around talking and stuff… i went bored a took a few pictures… kept looking at the arrival board thing… after the rm ppl were there for a little… i dared to walk over and asked, "the plane landed, right?" yea, since we were waiting for a while… so then i chatted with "Ah Hi" for a while… (she didn’t want to tell me her name and told me to call her "Ah Hi", but i saw her pass at the end of the concert anyway… lols she was like, "which one of you is Irene?" me "that’s me~" then she was like "oh, i see…" yea only she and Raymond Miu was there… Elsa Jeh was no where to be found at the airport… lols
so after the chats and the waits, finally, Joey came out!!! she was wearing what she was when she got on the plane in HK (which i didn’t know until i got online… lols) and a pair of very expensive sunglasses… lols i saw Ada first, panned over and saw Sandy Jeh (not Sandy, though she was there too), then JOEY!! then i went *wave wave wave* lols~ and she waved back~ i smiled at Sandy Jeh too and she smiled back looking REALLY happy~ lols i think i like ChoMa… lols~ too bad i didn’t see her before/during/after the concert, she’s not like Goodae and Goomo… lols~ and Joey! looking like she always does~ i didn’t run over to her right away though… have to mind my manners, you know? hehe she probably didn’t even have make up on… her dark circles were scarier than mine… lols
Joey started jogging a little towards Starbucks… i was like "can we have pictures??" kind of afraid she’ll just run off… lols then she’s like "gonna buy a coffee first~" then we were like stand and wait… lols~ i was looking at Joey for 99% of the time, probably, i have no idea what they were doing or talking about… lols~ it’s probably just "it’s Joey~ it’s Joey~" on my mind then… hahaha… and i can’t wipe my smile off my face at all… looking at her at the Starbucks counter… then i said, "i want to hear her English…" *repeats* lols~ then yea, after probably only a few minutes, Joey starts waving me (maybe it’s us, but i was looking at her) over… as in like "come come" *hand gesturing up and down* i was like whee~ half skipping over to where she was… lols~ leaving everyone else in their wake… hahaha~ i was the most excited one there, i suppose, since i AM the biggest FAN there… *smirks*
and THEN, being the always nice person i am… (=.= i don’t like it when it comes out at weird times like this…) i went, "pictures, who first?" luckily, my selfish side kicked in and i jumped next to Joey, getting the first picture with her~ lols then i have no idea who went next or who was last… anyway… pictures taken, then i went, "can i get a handshake?" this is lesson learnt from the time with Twins… also getting the first handshake… XP then Evelyn had to give Joey her running-of-out-ink sharpie… then we all got light almost-out-of-ink autographs… =.= my sharpies were new~~ could’ve done better… i got 5 autos, 3 tickets (2 for this time, 1 for last time), her first and latest cds… when she was signing my Starlight am ticket, the ticket slipped and the ink went on the pm ticket, me and Joey’s reaction to that was a simultaneous "aiya"… lols~ then Ada was telling her they have to go… Vicky asked for a hug during her picture, then i don’t remember who asked for one after the autographing, but someone did and i was the last one to go, "i want one too~" so yea, i got her last hug… lols~ she was so so so so so so so skinny… and she’s about my height… like maybe just a couple of cms shorter… although, her skinnyness is so nice on stage, well, i don’t really want her that skinny… lols~
then we were saying we sit on the right side of the stage when looking down from stage… Evelyn said left, then we were like right right~ Joey "left?" "your right~" something like that… i think we got a little hyper when trying to clarify if it’s left or right… lols~ after Joey went out of the building for like about a minute… (we were still inside… i didn’t really want to follow and bother her…) then Ceci was like "the letters!!" then me and her ran out after Joey "JOEY~~" she turned around and stopped going "?" we said we forgot our letters, and we handed them to her, saying "see you then" and waved… she said my tee was cute~ (of course, it’s her beloved Miffy~) then i watched her walk to the limo… after she got on i glanced at the others behind me before looking back at the limo again… then Joey rolled down her window and waved! i waved back of course! the others were doing don’t-know-what again and i probably was the only one that waved… Anna was like "what’re you doing? ooo~ Joey’s waving at us" but i waved from the beginning until she rolled her window back up and stared at the limo until it’s gone before turning back to the others… lols~
we took the AirTrain back to… i don’t remember where… then Evelyn went back to school, Anna went home for a nap… the four of us went to Flushing to eat… while eating, i was watching the ent news, then "Joey!" and waved… (i’m telling you, that was reflex…) Ceci looked up and went "it is Joey!" and waved too… Ah Kei and Alan were like "what? where?" and looked all over the place… me and Ceci were laughing… lols~ i don’t even remember what time we left… but it was pretty late already(?)… Ceci went home afterwards and Ah Kei went to the library(?) i don’t remember… me and Alan took got on a van back to Chinatown… then he left too not long after we got back… then i started walking all over the place waiting for Anna to come… lols~ i waited til 9:30pm or sth… i talked to my mom along the wait and she told me to go home… lols~ well… she was worried that i didn’t have anywhere to stay… but Anna got here and we kind of walked around… to where Twins took pictures when they were there last year… then walked up to 12th…? lols~ my memory is bad… (fine, i admit i’ve got the Joey part down, but it’s Joey… lols) we had to wait until Evelyn gets back so i can stay there for the night… have to thank Anna for staying with me… we got there around 12 or sth… but didn’t sleep until 2? we chatted and i don’t remember anything from it anymore… drifted off to sleep in mid-talk or sth… Anna said i was mumbling/talking during the night… must’ve been without sleep for too long… lols~
ok… that’s part 1 and day 1… continue later… pics later too…
btw i lost my interest in playing saimoe… FATE~~ well… i hope Nanoha and Hayate can go further…


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