Posted: 2009/01/08 in Dated
ok, i felt unlazy just a minute ago and opened a fc2 blog, nothing’s in it… i need to learn how to use it (at least a little) before i actually use it… which will probably take some more unlazy time, which means it’s not now… *shrugs* lols
i’ve been wanting to do this since the end of 2008, but keep forgetting, so i should just do it now while i remember…
Most Played List on my W595i:
01. 可歌可泣 [容祖兒]
02. Candy Boy [MEILIN]
03. Trickster [水樹奈々]
04. 100%ナイナイナイ [加藤英美里]
05. Tears’ Night [水樹奈々]
06. 偶然天使 [田村ゆかり、生天目仁美、野田順子、清水香里、沢城みゆき]
07. スナオ.プリンセス [水樹奈々]
08. ETERNAL BLAZE [水樹奈々]
09. Dancing in the Velvet Moon [水樹奈々]
10. 大好きな君へ [水樹奈々]
11. 雪、無音、窓辺にて。 [茅原実里]
12. 跑步機上 [容祖兒]
13. Promise on Christmas [水樹奈々]
15. マイティー.バヂィ [AA-Chino]
16. 與蝶同眠 [容祖兒]
17. 如果的事 [范韋琪、張韶涵]
18. 赤いスイートピー [水樹奈々]
20. Inside of Mind [水樹奈々]
21. Crystal Letter [水樹奈々]
22. COSMIC LOVE [水樹奈々]
23. Astrogation [水樹奈々]
24. 28個我 [容祖兒]
25. ジュリエット [水樹奈々]
…right… hahaha~ my car’s stereo’s been playing Nana-chan’s songs since before the start of 2008 and besides the couple months around Joey’s concerts and the time when i was in hk, it’s all been Nana-chan… oh wait, the list is on my phone aka mp3 player… i really don’t want to start lugging another device for music now… ^.^



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