Posted: 2009/02/02 in Dated
i don’t know, i want to write something…
i thought one of my hdd was died today… that was one of the scariest things that can happen right now… turns out it’s fine after i replugged the power lines… anyway, don’t want that particular drive to die… too much stuff would be lost…
went to see the 5-door yaris today too… no, i don’t think i would trade in my 3-door, but i’d go take the 5-door for a test drive anyway… (it would be the same as my own car, but i’ll probably write something if it’s not…) sat inside a venza too, it’s sort of… stuffy… comfortable, but stuffy, maybe it’s because of all the room i’m used to…
hm… what else…
happy chinese new year, i suppose…
i’m looking for minorin songs… but i found another nana-chan character songs instead… lols~ and my brother walked into my room and told me he likes it… that was weird… haha… i still don’t have enough minorin to fill a cd-r… about 100mb short… oh, in case anyone was wondering, i bought "contact" when i was in tokyo and hadn’t listened to it and thought it’d be nice to do so a few days before, so i did and that started my hunt for her songs… next time i’ll open my yukarin songs and annoy myself to death with her high pitched voice… no, i like her, i really do, seriously, wouldn’t buy her cd if i didn’t… XDD
one of the nose bridge thingys on my glasses broke, so i’m wearing one of my other pairs now…
oh, saw a short translation of a nanoha interview from a magazine today… question was what yukarin (voices nanoha) and nana-chan (voices fate) think about their characters’ relationship in ten years after strikers… yukarin said nanoha would probably have retired already and will have became a housewife with her "husband" being fate and waiting for fate to come home every night for dinner with their baby inside her… hm… right… and nana-chan thinks that fate will still be working hard and even more so, so that she can provide her family and nanoha can concentrate of taking care of the family… haha… even the cv’s themselves think their characters should go together… wow, if they really do that, vivio will be a big sister~ LOLS!!!



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