Posted: 2009/02/17 in Dated Picture Fest~
i finally put away a bunch of stuff on my floor — just to put more on it… hahaha… now it’s a bunch of "car and driver" going to go through these old issues and throw them away… (oh, it’s a free subscription… too bad they don’t have any car entertainment magazines or acg magazines… there’s nothing else to get on the site too, so magazines it was, this and "computer shopper"… well, i don’t want any fashion or "women" magazines… >.>)
choffy and thelma!
i think i remember somewhere i said i’d take a picture of my cd box when i have stuff in there, so here it is! that minorin dvd is going in the dvd box later, when i’m not lazy to get it… (please ignore the special photos that came with shin ai and other cds… NOT! lols~)
here’s a bit of my room… that yaris thing, i got from hk… no, the posters are not falling on 7…
here are the cds and stuff going into a box, you might think that there’s a lot of twins stuff, but it’s only because their packaging is bigger…
guess when that calendar was! the chopsticks i got from a 100 yen shop in japan… please ignore my otaku-ness here…
the magazines i mentioned…
under my bed… i think i showed the other side already, so here’s the other side, stuff from hk/singapore/japan… and there’s thelma again along with joey bear from mcdonald’s…
here’s one set of my live fighter dvd/bd… the other is on my desk… i have 3 more sets of dvds which i’d have to sell… lols (i just can’t resist the specials that came with different stores… a reason why i have 2 copies of trickster and shin ai…)
i feel like posting pictures today… oh and notice how lazy i am lately since i’ve only been typing in english? lols~
penguins… i thought they were kind of cute…
ate dinner here… was hungry, saw it and went… mom met her friend from some years ago… lols~ cool fire "show" thing…
advertisement for hot air balloon-ing at a mall…
went to test drive a ’09 5-door… i like the knobs, i hate the orange very much… the green-ness in my ’07 isn’t that bad afterall… and no wonder the canadians complained… lols! (the salesperson doesn’t seem to know about the car as much as i do… hey, it’s MY car afterall… nothing much is different except it’s got 2 more doors and some cosmetic changes… [front end, buttons, etc.] he said, "you need the space, don’t you?" i was thinking, "the amount of "space" is the same, baka…" and vocally, "no, i want the doors…" lols! he also said that if the numbers are right, i can drive this car home today, i thought "no way! even if i was going to trade, i don’t want a blue car and i don’t want to give you my wheels or forfeiting new tires~") if you really ask me, i’d say i don’t want a new car, not now anyway, i did a lot on mine, i don’t want to lose that now… (and i’m planning to do more too~ *smiles*)
big moon… it was so warm that i ate mango ice cream… and had sudden urge to eat fries, so i did that too… lols~
the moon WAS big!!



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