Posted: 2009/02/28 in Dated
after more than a month of restraining myself…
i went loose again!
(25th) the thing that started it was that clarion dxz385usb…
(26th) then it’s cdjapan.co.jp… as name suggests, cds from japan… it would’ve been better without those dvd orders, but i couldn’t help it, i want to see nana-chan! (i can’t find downloads… >.>) the total is probably 400 or something… = =||| @ myself…
(27th) hobbysearch.com, i bought nendoroids! omg, what did start?? i didn’t like action figures and i bought 6 figmas! i LIKE nendoroids! oh noes… T_T they weren’t even what i was really going to order… (haruhi-tan’s yuki with bunny headphones and nyo-ronnnn~~) *sighs* i wanted to avoid nendoroids ever since i first seen them because i know i’ll fall… if they had regular kagami in stock, i’d probably got that too, lucky me?
ah, but alas, most of the things are pre-orders, meaning i don’t have to pay until they’re shipped, which is next month (eh… end of march, that is), may, july, and september… i shall now restrain myself from shopping, my kind of shopping, at least until mid-april now… oh, july… i heard kanade-sempai’s pvc is going to be released… probably at least 5000 yen there, shipping excluded… = =||| @ self again…



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