Posted: 2009/03/18 in Dated
well… back to being lazy again, i guess…
here’s my installation pics as i said i would put them here… did it on the 11th, was warm and i had to go pick up my brother from school, my manager let me off the rest of the day, so i had plenty of time… i think i used 2 or 3 hrs to do this… it would’ve been faster if not for the hard-to-pull-out wiring… i broke some skin when i did that… = =
this is before~ climate controls and deck…
getting the parts off… changing the bulbs to leds…
here’s the "after" for the climate controls…
continue installation for the new deck… the blue plug’s the one i had trouble pulling out… mom got back and she used two seconds… = =
here’s the new deck with (off) and without (on) flash… (have my nana-chan cd in there because i left poor minorin in my old deck and only remembered after getting all the plugs out, not putting them in and giving myself hell again for the cd…)
here’s the finished picture! (reason why i had the climate controls as uv/red/white and not 3 whites)
click to enlarge! (and yes, it’s as easy as it looks~)



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