Posted: 2009/04/11 in Dated
almost a month since the last entry…
i found out why my stereo didn’t work on tuesday~ coz i blown a fuse~ wahahaha~ (turning into a mech?) no, so i replaced it, good as new~ and i found out the fuses are really small, named "low profile mini" fuse… toyota just has them as "type a" (i figured i’d want to pick up some coz i don’t want to blow out my spare when i try to replace my trunk light again… then it’ll be no music for me until i get fuses~~
so, charlene’s solo album came out, i feel like writing a review for it… impulse thing… maybe i’ll forget tomorrow…
oh! something funny when i was talking to a friend on msn… came to the topic of 7-chan’s left brow… lols!! most pictures of her now doesn’t show it, but she does have one! (i think… HAHAHAHAHAHA) one of my extra sets of live fighter dvds got sold today~ (yay, money comes back~ i hope someone else will buy the others…)
other stuff, my dad’s car needs an oil change and we’re going to do it ourselves~ bought some drain valves for the convenience of future oil changes… (see? turning into a mech…) mom just told me that we’ll do it ourselves one day and we went to buy some oil and a filter, then looked for ramps…
i think i’ll tape my posters back up today… it’s been up half a night before one corner turned up and the whole thing (two posters) fell… then it’s down two nights already… time to stop being lazy! (and i still need to clean up my floor… the hk and japan stuff are gone, but the singapore stuff, a couple of boxes i got recently, and my box of in-process-of-packing cds are still there…)



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