Posted: 2009/05/01 in Dated
i don’t know… i want to type something again…
my magazines from amazon jp came… i have another nice big nana poster to put up… hehe… got a couple of psp games sitting on my left, don’t think i’m touching them soon… *shrugs* nana’s cd is delayed… *sigh* something along the lines of lyricist with drugs, i don’t want to know… he made nana-chan sad about it though, so i don’t like him…
niki’s great, she’s translating pick up voice for me… lols~ makes my head big just trying to pronounce the words… i really need to find somewhere that have lessons… seeing pictures are very good, but understanding and learning more about nana-chan makes it even better~
swine flu… hm… you know what? i went to nyc during weekend… and no, i don’t think i caught it, thank goodness… it came really fast, didn’t it? i hope it goes away as fast as it came… i drove my car, it’s covered with dead insects now and seriously needs a bath… that was a total of near 10 hrs of driving in those two days…
i knocked the hat off of my figma witch nagato, but i’m too lazy to open the clear cover to fix it (along with shizuru, who fell a while ago…)
and come on, getting 110 yen for a dollar last year was bad enough, let’s see the dollar go up some more!



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