Posted: 2009/05/21 in Dated Picture Fest~
since AnimeBoston09 is this weekend, just thought i’d post these today… and remember my floor? it just doesn’t seem to be clean anymore ever since i got back from HK… anyway… lols~

just thought i’d try my luck… and i won a dollar~
big head mickey, i wanted to bring him home, but he seems a bit expensive… and thomas! just wanted to take a picture of my cousin… HAHAHA~ and the bread looked like a heart, so i took picture, it was at Chateau…
these came in the mail…
took this outside the spanish restaurant we went to for my friend’s bday… i can tell you i don’t like spanish food after that… lols
finally satisfied my Pocky craving after watching Ga-Rei -Zero- XD
my lonely car parking at not-a-parking-space… lols~ i wouldn’t if my car wasn’t that small…
bright? you bet!
giant spongebob sitting on burger king… XD
nyc times square… there was a spongebob, bugs bunny, and two (2) elmos… = = and finally went to the toys r us there seeing all those stuff… ^_^ and ate at yoshinoya… doesn’t look that much different, except a bit drier, doesn’t taste that much different, but just not as good, and more expensive too… and no nice rice spoon either…
at the bookstore next to nj mitsuwa market place i found — nana-chan’s great activity and the museum~! limited edition GA too…
my nanoha photobooks and nana-chans… and yes, there’s two copies of seiyuu animedias…
i found mice at ikea… lols~
did some quality check when i was talking to a friend about Kalafina and glowsticks… a blue one for nana-chan, an orange for wakana (and keiko) lols~



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