Posted: 2009/06/19 in Dated Picture Fest~
time for another one of these… a short one, but i’m going to canada next week, then japan for nana and fictionjunction and yuki (kalafina…) the week after, so let’s not stack everything up…
got this on my computer at the office… i don’t know, the dust did that themselves… it looks cool, so i took a pic… XD
green tea frappuccino that a fb app told me i was… lols… it tastes like green tea ice cream, so i like it… thought somebody might be interested in a mickey pez… flowers at a market…. my mom called this metal chicken something funny, but i don’t remember what it was… = = and my car finally reached 777 miles!
anime boston 2009
i stole that picture from hikaru’s entry on the official kalafina blog… XDDD this is the only picture that’s not blurry that i took at one of the autograph sessions… my name that yuki, wakana, keiko wrote~ (i should’ve asked if i can have hikaru write on my seventh heaven too… >.<) and hey, it’s not as easy to get these if you do live in japan… XD and all the kalafina/kajiura-san stuff i’ve got from the whole thing~
since it’s short, i’ll throw in my current most played list from my phone:
01. 音楽 [Kalafina]
02. 傷跡 [Kalafina]
03. sprinter [Kalafina]
04. また風が強くなった [Kalafina]
05. oblivious [Kalafina]
06. ARIA [Kalafina]
07. serenato [Kalafina]
08. 夏の林檎 [Kalafina]
09. love come down [Kalafina]
10. 君が光に変えて行く [Kalafina]
11. 明日の景色 [Kalafina]
12. fairytale [Kalafina]
13. seventh heaven [Kalafina]
14. Gimmick Game [水樹奈々]
15. MARIA&JOKER [水樹奈々]
16. ray of change [水樹奈々]
17. 沈黙の果実 [水樹奈々]
18. Mr.Bunny! [水樹奈々]
19. 夢の続き [水樹奈々]
20. 少年 [水樹奈々]
21. 蒼き光の果て-ULTIMATE MODE- [水樹奈々]
22. Brand New Tops [水樹奈々]
23. 悦楽カメリア [水樹奈々]
24. PERFECT SMILE [水樹奈々]
25. 深愛 [水樹奈々]



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