Posted: 2009/09/10 in Dated
today was my mom’s birthday, yay~ happy birthday~
talked about some stuff with 花痴團 and went back to AB08 and some stuff happening then, yea… it got funny… haha
then i went back and look at my blog posts…
I’M SORRY TWINS AND JOEY!! i never got to part 6 of twins’ concert trip, i never even posted anything about the concerts or the setlist of starlight… omg… hm… i shook joey’s hand in both shows and she might have remembered me from the airport… haha… i didn’t have the guts to wave my glowsticks in the second show coz i was alone… (now i’d probably start "calling" to the songs or sth weird like that… i’ll have my diamond penlight too…)
ps. and oh, look, i used setlist… *checks previous blog entries* i used to use "rundown"



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