Leon Lai Dream Wedding Live @ Atlantic City

Posted: 2009/12/24 in Concert Moments
December 19th to December 20th, 2009
I wasn’t late this time, got my parents to drive Tina, Eva, and I out to the station since they had to go to Chinatown anyway. So we got there before the bus leaves at 9, Kelly arrived when people started boarding the bus. Suzanne gets here after all the people were on the bus, thus all the seats were taken and only 5 seats left, but they decided not to take them and wait for the next bus, which is at 10. So then we just stood around and waited, then we got on the 10am bus and settled down and 4 hours or so later, we’ve arrived at New York City. While on the bus, I went online and find the live was available for download, thanks to our King! XD Well, not for me because the speed sucked, I only got 10kb/s, so I wasn’t feeling really nice since then anyway.
After we got there, they started asking me where to get a haircut, I know I told them that I was going to look for a new place that day, but no, they had to ask again. So then, they finally get it, so we set off to look for a new place for a haircut. (Before we did that, we went up to steal a couple of posters. Haha.) Saw a place that looked pretty nice with a few guys as hair stylists, but one said that it seems weird to get a haircut from a guy, so we walked again and saw a place grand opening and was doing promotions, so there we were. The wait was so long that I kind of wanted to blow afterwards, the haircut was alright, I guess, but I actually wanted it to be even shorter. If I knew I had to wait that long, I’d go to Herald Square to get my travelers checks first.
So anyway, the others ate while Eva and I were at the salon, so we went to the place I always go before a concert since Hocc, then the other 3 left to buy stuff while Eva and I ate. Went to meet up with them and set off to the bus stop. Anna and Evelyn was there already, chatted with them a bit. If I knew Tina’s friend didn’t know where the good seats were, I would’ve asked Evelyn to help since she seems to always have good tickets anyway. lols~ They were on the same bus with us and so was Elsa Jeh. XP
Our bus, bus #2, was a little late compared to the other two buses, but whatever, we got on and off we went. Oh, it started snowing when we were going into NYC and it was snowing harder now than when we got to NYC. I know it was going to take a longer than usual to get to Atlantic City because of the snow, so I just tried to sleep. Woke up some time and we were at a gas station, after a bit of listening to people here and there, I found out that the driver got lost. In a snow storm. Great. It was around 10pm or something. It took a while before we got back on track, we were on the bus for six hours before we got to Taj. It was 15 minutes before the show starts, so they actually had to drop us off at the lobby where the arena entrance is. Took a little bit more time to get off since they said something about a permit to drop off passengers or something.
I think the show started 15-20 minutes late? Oh well, I didn’t keep the time. I gave them glow sticks, but doesn’t seem like they used them much during the concert. (Aren’t the glow sticks supposed to be for waving? *shrug*) I didn’t hold onto one myself since, as always, my hands are full, my biceps hurt the next two days. XD" I don’t know if should be surprised at how many songs I know or at how little new songs Leon have. Haha. I’ll have the setlist and maybe some comments posted later. (Don’t know when though.) Leon messed up a lot, Janice messed up too, Janice Man…I have no idea what she was doing there.
After the concert (which probably last for around 2 hours or so?), we’d have to go back to the lobby and wait for the bus. The buses weren’t really on time, but whatever, I was awake for most of the time and was a little hyper for staying up so late again. There were almost no delay going back since the snow were plowed and the road pretty much cleared. Still, it took three hours. McDonald’s, then we went roaming the deserted streets of Soho. (Not counting the people were were shoveling snow. XD) The shops mostly open at 10/11am, so we were walking for a little while, went to a cafe, ate breakfast. Suzanne forced me to eat the bread she bought the night before… (They’re great, they love making me eat their leftovers.)
Around 10:30 or 11, I couldn’t take it anymore, I told them I want to eat ramen and I don’t want to shop. I think I threw them off a little, don’t think they ever expected me to blow up like that, but anyway, I crossed the street and went down the metro station, off to Times Square I go~ Doesn’t take too long to find the ramen place. A familiar "irasshaimase" greeted me, not exactly the really genki type you hear in Japan, but it’s alright. The ramen wasn’t the best, but for NYC, it’s all good, at least it’s not the dry dry gyudon that Yoshinoya delivers. There wasn’t lots of people, so I kind of took my time, a little too much time though, so I didn’t have time to look for that Japanese bookstore or try out the free wi-fi at Times Square. It was almost 12 when I got out of the Starbucks with my hot chocolate. So back to Chinatown I go.
Found them at the bus stop and lined up for the 1pm bus back to Boston. Kelly inquired about my ramen and stuff. Suzanne went to buy food. The bus gets here and we had to tread around plowed snow. It was fun seeing people’s luggage falling onto the black snow. XD I couldn’t help it this time, had to sleep some. Then I couldn’t help it again and go online. Haha. Started downloading the good stuff, speed was nice this time, but dropped again when I was at the 4th file. At the end, I had to download it at home because the little one ran out of battery. After getting back to South Station, turns out we had to go to Chinatown to eat dinner, so I said bye to my friends and waited for my mom to come. All I was thinking of was the time needed to download the files and if I had time to watch it right away…
The End.
(What? Where’s the concert stuff? lols I think I just put them in those in the setlist, if I ever get to it. I’m sorry Twins and Joey~ XD")




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