10/04/2-4, AnimeBoston 2010

Posted: 2010/04/09 in AnimeBoston

Anime Boston 2010 is during Easter weekend again this year, so no work again on Friday~ (I’m too lazy to type in Chinese this time… hahaha)

Well, nobody’s here this year and what makes it even less exciting is that there’s no Kalafina… Right, after last year, I’m a total believer (what??) Anyway, I’m cutting everything short…

Day 1
I’ve decided to drive and park at my work place, then take the T to prudential. That went well, except I forgot my badge and had to go home and get it, lucky I wasn’t that far from home (yet). Anyway, I think I got there at around 11? Opening Ceremonies were almost over, at least I got there in time to see some of the guests. (Notably Nobuo Uematsu and MYM)

Before the Opening was over, that Reni Reni person had to "sing a song for us" so I thought I’d listen for a little… And OMG! She scares me, now I’m scarred for life! (lols) So I got up and left immediately, looking to see if the Doraemon panel is good. What I found was that there’s no one in there and the screen is on the introduction slide… Hm, I’m not going in there… lols (And they actually changed the showing time for Nanoha, so I didn’t get to see it T_T Kept thinking it was at 3:30 or something… *sigh*)

So then I walked around the dealer room looking for stuff to buy(?) since I couldn’t find my friend because the artist alley is so crowded and they don’t have a table this year. Actually, I don’t remember what happened, if I looked for my friend for a while first or if I walked to Trinity Church first and have lunch. Maybe I looked for a while, then go eat, then come back and found her finally at the dealer room…

I went to the Intro to OP and ED panel at noon too, not what I expected and I didn’t hear songs I wanted to hear… (Met a high school classmate before the panel, but he’s such a typical looking otaku guy, no offense, but I don’t really want to be seen talking to him? I think he works at my work place now too because I see him sometimes when I get off work…) I guess I should’ve went to the Meet MYM panel too… And there’s actually another MYM autographing on Friday… Just like Nanoha, they changed the schedule and I have no idea what happened… Anyway, we kind of just hang around and went to the artist alley, etc.

Then the VGO concert at 7. We went in like last because my friend’s friend was a staff member or something and we were to sit with the volunteers, but the guy disappeared, so we went in ourselves. VGO were awesome! (Well, they were great last year too, but with Kalafina? No doubt who’s more awesome…) Anyway, they have their whole assembly this year, so it was definitely better than I’ve last seen them. At the finale with the FF7 music, Uematsu-san came out too~ that was great~ XD

Last thing was the AMV contest, but I didn’t even wait for it to start because I was too tired. But then, I walked around until 11 or something before I left… lols… Kind of wanted to peek in that 18+ hentai panel… *hides*

Day 2
Wanted to help Bluey get Uematsu’s autograph, but couldn’t find any of the OSTs she wanted (or any OST at all because the Square Enix booth wasn’t open on the first day and it became VGO’s booth…) But I don’t think it’s possible to get his autograph even if I did find a cd because apparently people waited around since 8:30 or something even though they can’t line up yet.

Then the whole afternoon I was walking around nearby to find and get pictures of the places Kalafina had taken pictures at when they here last year… Right, the whole stalker thing… I know I’m a stalker already, thanks a lot! lols Then I actually went to eat at the McDonald’s in Chinatown… Yes, I walked all the way there…

Got back to the Hynes at around 3 so I can get into the Meet Nobuo Uematsu panel. They allow cameras. (…Curse Sony! At least they can include a little more of the panels in the DVD…) Then I remembered that I forgot to retake a few pictures outside, so I went out again. Coming back in, I think I finally find my friends again in the dealer room.

Walking around the dealer room, seeing lots of people at the Cure/MYM booth, wondering if it’s just she’s a lot more popular than Reni Reni in the booth next to her, then I saw the reason. The real person was right there! So the curiosity (and star chasing persona) in me got the better of me and I went over there. Looking at the stuff they were selling, snapping some pictures of the girl, etc. Then people were taking pictures with her, so I thought, she’s a singer, she might just get really big after a year or something, so why not? I actually got two pictures with her because my friend took the first one vertically and I wanted a horizontal one. haha..

Then, I thought, she’s quite cute, I should go to the autographing at night, so I bought her band, GaGaalinG’s album, "Royal Stranger". Quite nice if you like rock… lol… It actually came with two bromides, and I chose the one that looks cool. After the pictures, I actually went to her and said, "この写真、かっこいです。" XDDDD (This looks right, doesn’t it? I hope so, I don’t want to sound like an idiot… XD"

I don’t know what else I did… Then waited till 8 for the autographing, there was like less than 50 people there. Well, what can you do, we haven’t heard her yet. I actually wanted to line up again because there’s so little people, but alas, I didn’t do it. It’s already weird since I have no idea who she was or what kind of music she does… (Well, rock, obviously, from her outfits, but yea…) I didn’t say anything to her this time since I don’t know what to say anymore… She was cute and I had a hard time processing some things when she was right in front of me… That’s it~ Oh, and I shook her hand 3 times already… lols

And well, a little note was that I was wearing the green FJ Live Vol.5 tee the whole day… hahaha

Day 3
Last day, I still couldn’t find a CD for Uematsu to sign, I even went to Newbury Comics, but no luck. So yea, then I realized that MYM’s concert seating’s at the same time, so I gave up on Uematsu completely. (There’s also GL for Beginners panel at the same time too, but eh… I’m no beginner. lols!!) My friend got his autograph though and went to the concert late and I have no idea where she stood.

So I went early to line up for the concert, the staff person was throwing out free stuff in the line, but with my slow reaction, I got nothing… Ah well… Had a great time lining up… I didn’t sit down at all for the hour I was in line. The guy said there will be an extra autographing after the concert because MYM really wants to see us all. When it was about 15 minutes until the concert, the Reni (she’s opening for MYM) supporters were gathered up and were told that they’ll have to learn the dance and stuff, so they went inside.

Then it’s time for everybody to get in. I got in the first row, almost right in the middle too, purposely went to the left a little since I want to be at least a tiny bit low-key… (right… lol) The Reni people went in the front of the dividing thingys. I never know what they’re called. I think she sang 4 songs or something, then the last song, "Shining Star," those Reni people went up on stage and became backup dancers… lol? I didn’t move at all during her performance, probably made her sad, but I can’t move to her kind of music. (Well, if it was Yukarin, per say, I’d do it, but her? No~

Finally, MYM’s turn! She’s got a bunny with her… Anyway, like at other people’s concerts, first time here, no waving arms around… lols (Well, except Nana-chan, she’s the first.) At least I was moving to the beats and clapping at times. One of the songs she led the audience into jumping, the ground was shaking so much that I was afraid the floor would give. Anyway, I actually enjoyed MYM’s performance and of course being so close, I caught her eyes a little more than a few times. I think she would’ve been even happier if I moved more.

Then, after the concert, my friend said she went to line up for the Closing Ceremonies, I told her I was going to tell MYM that the concert was great. I kind of waited around and took pictures until the autographing line is short. When I got up to her, I said, "先のライブ、最高(でした)!" At least I wanted to say "でした" but apparently, my nervously crept up and I couldn’t tell her, and I actually wanted to ask for a hug, but was too shaky… hahaha… And I have the black progressive+ tour tee on this day… =P

The Closing, went to meet up with my friend, then she said she was hungry, there was still half an hour before the show starts, so I told her she probably has time, turns out not even 5 minutes after she left, we went in the room. Well, all good right, so I messaged her where I sat and thought she’d show up soon. I was a little worried since I didn’t see her at all even after the show, so I called her. Everyone was leaving, so I felt a little vibration from the seat next to me. Turns out she didn’t bring her phone… No wonder! Well, teach her to bring her phone with her now…

And! That’s the end of AnimeBoston 2010!




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